We would like to introduce you to House rules in order to make your stay in our house comfortable, and for any additional information contact the host.

Obeying the House rules is something that is expected of every guest. Villa La Graziosa is planned and registered for a maximum of 6 persons. Guests can be visited by their friends during the day, but guests are obliged to inform the owner about it. Unreported guests are
not allowed to stay in the accommodation unit.

Guests are kindly requested to keep noise to a minimum during their stay in the house and in the outside areas, especially during the night rest from 23:00 to 07:00 in the morning. In addition to appealing to appropriate behaviour of adults, we kindly ask our guests to ensure the good behaviour of children playing inside and outside of the property.

The accommodation unit is available from 16:00 on the day of arrival until 10:00 on the day of departure. During your stay, your hosts are at your service for all information and assistance.

During their stay, the guests themselves are responsible to look after the order and cleanliness of the accommodation unit, unless otherwise agreed with the host. It is desirable to leave the house in the state it was when they got there. Thorough arranging and cleaning of the house is done by the host
after each shift of guests. Final cleaning is included in the price of the stay.

The host provides the cleaning of swimming pools ones in a week by arrangement with the guest.

We appreciate your compliance with the safety instructions that have been posted at the pool. The host provides the guests with towels, bed linen, kitchen cloths, toilet paper, hygiene supplies, cleaning and dishwashing agents, deck chairs and sunshades.

Bed linen is included in the price of the stay and is changed after each shift of guests, and guests who stay longer than 7 days are given clean linen every 7 days. The guests themselves change the bed linen.
Towels are included in the price of the stay and the guests have available one large and two medium towel. An adequate number of towels is located in the guest room or at another place within the
accommodation unit designated by the host. Used towels are left in a separate basket to allow the host to wash them.

Guests are kindly requested to take care of their belongings and valuables left in the accommodation
unit because the host is not responsible for them. Safe are available to guests in house for keeping
your valuables like money and personal documents.
Do not leave valuable things in cars.

During every leaving of accommodation unit, we kindly ask the guests to disconnect electrical appliances (except for possibly one lighting fixture), close the taps, close the sunshades at the swimming pool, close the windows and lock all doors.

Lighting at the pool is automatically turned on at dusk and automatically turned off during the night.
During any possible bad weather, as well as when leaving the house, we kindly ask the guests to close
all the windows and all the balcony doors, close the sunshades and close the awnings on the

The host does not have the right to enter the rented accommodation unit in the absence of a guest.

Exceptions are special circumstances in which it is necessary to enter inside to prevent the occurrence of possible damage or danger. The owner is obliged to inform the guests in the first
subsequent contact about entering the property. In the case of a reasonable doubt of the host that damage has been made and when there is a reasonable suspicion of violation of the House rules, the guests are obliged to allow him to enter the accommodation unit for verification.

Pets are not allowed in the accommodation unit. The following items are not allowed in the accommodation unit or anywhere on the outside areas of the property: firearms, easy flammable and explosive substances, substances with strong or unpleasant odour.

During their stay, the guests can use all the in-house devices provided with the obligation to follow the instructions and carefully handle them.

The use of equipment and devices that are not part of the offer of the accommodation unit is allowed only with the consent of the host. This rule does not apply to electrical personal care

There is no smoking allowed inside the house and for safety reasons also candle burning is forbidden, and we appreciate you obeying the rules.

Because of the risk of damage to the foundation it is not permitted to smoke on the pool as well as in the area beside the outdoor grill.

Starting fire is not allowed in the house or outside the house. Grilling is only allowed on the outdoor gas grill. Please be very careful when using the outdoor grill. Do not leave the active fire in the outdoor grill unattended, and make sure that the flame is extinguished after use. After use, you must
close the gas bottle valve.
It is not allowed to move furniture inside the accommodation unit or to take equipment outside the house (kitchen chairs on the terrace, towels or blankets intended for the pool house, etc.). We kindly ask our guests to constantly protect the environment, protect the rented accommodation unit and act considerately towards the furnishings and equipment in the interior and exterior of the
house. We are especially grateful for that. Persons who are not registered in the accommodation unit are not allowed to stay overnight or
whole day or to use the inventory without the express permission of the host.

If guests intend to be absent for 2 days or more, please inform the host in advance.
In the event of a failure of the equipment or devices within the accommodation unit, please inform the host immediately and he will attempt to remove it as soon as possible. The waste bin is located in the parking lot. The guests upon reservation and arrival in the accommodation unit have to give access to identity documents (passport or identity card) i.e. personal data (name and surname, type and number of identification document, gender, country and residence and birth date, citizenship and date of birth)
for the purpose of tourist registration in the information system of tourist boards of the Republic of Croatia for registration and check-out of tourists – eVisitor (Law on Residence Tax OG 152/08).

The content of personal data is collected for the purposes of statistical data processing and is intended
solely for tourist communities, public institutions and ministries which are involved in this process (Ministry of Tourism – Tourism Inspection, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Finance – Customs
Administration). Any unauthorized use, publication, adaptation, processing, reproduction, display,
transfer, distribution, recording or any other form of unauthorized use of your data is strictly forbidden.

You can send any possible complaint or objection relating to the processing of your personal data to the e-mail address of the office of the regional tourist board. We would like to thank you in advance for the following:
– Not wearing outdoor shoes in the house, please use slippers.
– Not going into the property in wet clothing after swimming in the pool.
– Not smoking in the house, on the sunbeds or beside the outside grill.
– Not putting anything except toilet paper in the toilet bowl.
– Not using the lawn area around the house for ball games.
Thank you for obeying our House rules.

The House rules are made according to special practices in hospitality and tourism.
Thank you for choosing us for your vacation!
We wish you a pleasant stay and hope to see you again.

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